Rail Journeys

Stunning Railways of Norway

Tour Date: 22 to 30 June 2024
Location: Norway

We also visit maritime Bergen, home to a fine funicular railway, and, on the edge of the Arctic, Trondheim, where we enjoy a ride on the world’s most northerly tram line. Railway history is not forgotten as we call at the Norwegian railway museum in Hamar, with the chance to ride on their short narrow-gauge railway. We have city tours in the major towns, and a full day of sightseeing in the capital, Oslo, where Viking longships and gold can be seen at the Viking ship museum. Norway really is a ‘must visit’ place for anyone interested in railways, great scenery and fascinating culture. Fjords, mountains, green valleys, but also an ancient history dating back to the Viking era will accompany us on our discovery of Norway.

All trains in Norway are second class, however some have ‘Komfort’ which we will always use where possible or available.

This holiday features two of the finest railway journeys in Europe, with the Flåm and Rauma railways offering jaw-dropping scenery as they descend steeply from the mountains to deep fjords.

Tour Highlights

  • Stunning scenery
  • Voss Steam Railway
  • Flam Railway
  • Bergen Railway
  • Hamar Railway Museum
  • Olso

Day dedicated to experience an authentic steam locomotive on the Old Voss Steam Railway. The steam loco is a ten-wheeler built in 1913 as the first generation mountain locomotives for the Bergen Railway. Along with the locomotive you will find teak carriages from the 1920s and 1930s. This only runs on Sundays.

Voss Railway

The train runs the 18-kilometer-long stretch between Garnes station and Midttun station. Along the way you can experience a beautiful landscape when the train passes through the fjord areas, close to the sea and water on one side and steep mountainside on the other. Overnight in Bergen.

The morning will be dedicated to discovering the city from the sea by walking along the fjords surrounding Bergen. In the afternoon we will travel by train along the Bergen railway which connect the west coast to Oslo in 500 km. We will divide the journey in two days to have the possibility of Covering the famous Flamsbana from Myrdal to Flam. Overnight stay in Flam.


We catch the train from Bergen to Myrdal, which is probably the most scenic section of the Bergen Railway. The line starts by entering the long Arna Tunnel, and then it skirts along the shore of a long and deep sea fjord where the mountains plummet almost vertically into the water, giving a very dramatic vista.

View from the train between Myrdal and Flam

The line passes salmon farms and grain silos, and as the line climbs it is perched on a ledge cut out from solid rock, passing white water rapids which cascade beside the train. The vegetation changes from pines, to spruces, to dwarf conifers as the line climbs ever higher. The two hour train ride ends all too quickly as we reach Myrdal, which is the junction for the world famous line to Flåm. This line descends nearly 4,000ft in just 16 miles but unlike other steep railways this is not a rack railway or a funicular, but a conventional adhesion worked railway which at 1in 18 (55%) is one of the world’s steepest.

Flam Railway train

The railway snakes its way through a number of spiral tunnels to reach a large waterfall where trains stop to let passengers take photos, and from here you can look back and see the railway stacked on several different levels as it twists and turns down the mountainside. The train is operated by two El 18 electric locos in top and tail mode, and despite them having 7,240 horsepower each, the line is too steep for ascending trains to stop at many of the stations on the way back up for fear of burning out the traction motors. But rest assured the descent is safe as each train has six different braking systems that can act independently and each one is capable of stopping the train. At Flåm there is a small railway museum, plinthed electric locomotive, and numerous restaurants that overlook the blue-green mineral-rich waters of the Aurland Fjord. Overnight in Flam.

Cruise ship in Flam

Today we move from Flam to Hamar, a picturesque town on Lake Miosa just a few kilometres from Oslo and the starting point of an atmospheric railway through eastern Norway. Overnight in Hamar.

The impressive railway station at Hamar

First today we  visit the Norwegian railway museum, situated by the side of a lake just north of the town. This is a fascinating place and has its own narrow-gauge railway, which we will be able to ride on  before boarding the Roros railway. The 431 kilometres-long journey will take us to Trondheim. The railway runs along the glittering Glomma river, the largest wilderness area in Scandinavia, the great forests from Rena toward Koppang and, of course, the historic town of Roros. Overnight stay in Trondheim.

The Famous Painted Wooden Houses in Trondheim

Today we will travel along a section of the Dovre railways to Domabas and then board the scenic Rauma railway named as one of the most beautiful railway line in Europe. 114 kilometres. Leaving Tronheim we alight at Dombås which is situated on top of a mountain plateau surrounded by high mountains and connect with the local train to Åndalsnes. Initially the train runs on a ledge high on the valley side, but then descends steeply to a tunnel which turns through 180and continues down to the valley floor to run alongside the Rauma river, which it crosses on the famous single span masonry arch Kylling bridge. Summer trains have a tourist commentary in three languages and travel slowly over the bridge, and also at Trollveggen, Europe’s highest perpendicular mountain wall – a favourite of base jumpers. The scenery is majestic, with summer snowmelt creating waterfalls which fall hundreds of metres down the sheer valley sides.

View of Åndalsnes

We arrive in the pretty coastal town of Åndalsnes after lunchtime. On the platform is the unique ‘Train Chapel’ in a carriage donated by the Norwegian State Railway and consecrated in 2003 in the presence of the country’s King and Queen. We stay overnight in Åndalsnes.

Along the Dovre railway we will reach the capital of Norway Oslo where we will stay two nights.

Train,Oslo, ,Bergen,In,Mountains.,Norway.
Train enroute to Oslo

We discover the vibrant city of Oslo with a walk through the centre. the rest of the day is at leisure for a tram ride perhaps to Frogner park with the famous Vigeland statues, or a mini cruise in the Oslo Fjord.

The Vigeland Park

For art lovers, one of the many museums that have enriched the Norwegian capital in recent years could be a target. Farewell dinner.

Amazing Oslo City Hall from Harbour on Oslo Fjord

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