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Tahiti 7-Nights Cruise


21 Jul 2023 –
6 Dec 2024

8 days

From €1350 / per person

Tahiti & the pearls of French Polynesia

Sailing round-trip from Papeete port, Tahiti, uncover the world-famous Society islands of French Polynesia by small ship. Bora Bora, Taha’a, Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea – islands sculpted by sky-piercing, moss-green peaks and lined with vivid turquoise lagoons. Island hopping allows you to see every landscape, from geometric ridges strung with waterfalls on the high islands to flat, desert-like atolls where lagoons far outsize the landmass. There are many sides to the Islands of Tahiti, yet they are all connected by Mana. Mana is a life force and spirit that surrounds us. You can see it. Touch it. Taste it. Feel it.

And from the moment you arrive, you will understand why locals say the islands are embraced by Mana.

Day By Day

Day 1 | Friday 

Papeete Port, Tahiti

Papeete,Tahiti (1PM – 2PM).
Maeva [mah-yeh-vah] – that’s welcome in Tahitian, and we extend a very warm welcome to you on our French Polynesia cruise. Settle in and meet your crew and cabin mates, we begin by setting sail for Bora Bora this evening. Overnight at sea.

Day 2 & 3 | Saturday & Sunday 

Bora Bora, Society Islands

Morning sail into the Bora Bora lagoon where you may feel like you’ve woken in a dream. In many respects you have; these are some of the world’s most picturesque landscapes. We’re here for two days allowing enough time for ample swim and snorkel stops, various optional tours: take a 4×4 island and cultural tour, snorkel with stingrays and sharks, explore in an open-air bus known as ‘Le Truck’. Or, choose your own adventure – tell us what you want to do and we’ll arrange it. On day two we’ll sail to nearby Huahine, a true botanical paradise bursting with banana, watermelon and coconut groves. Taste the local fruit, gaze across calm waters in shades of turquoise you never knew existed, visit a pearl farm, and explore a traditional vanilla plantation. Both nights at anchor.

Day 4 | Monday 

Huahine, Society Islands

Huahine, once home to Tahitian royalty, is considered as cradle of Polynesian culture. This is a tropical jungle dotted with ancient marae (temples), some of which date back to 700 AD. Our optional tour takes in many of the island’s temples and small villages and offers a chance to see and feed the sacred blue-eyed eels of Faie Bay, as well as visit a vanilla plantation. If you’re a keen cook, we recommend you purchase vanilla beans while here; you won’t find tastier – or cheaper! – versions elsewhere.

Day 5 | Tuesday 

Huahine – Taha’a, Society Islands

Wake up with a short and refreshing morning sail to nearby Taha’a, which shares a magnificent lagoon with Raiatea. Morning arrival intro Taha’a, a true botanical paradise. Her fertile valleys and sloping hillsides are covered with banana, watermelon and coconut groves. The island is also an immense natural greenhouse for the highly prized Tahitian vanilla orchid. Our optional half day Taha’a Island Adventure excursion will allow us to explore the beautiful interior of Taha`a by 4×4 and discover its luxurious tropical vegetation. You will taste the local fruit and admire breathtaking views of the magnificent turquoise bay of Haamene. This excursion also includes a visit to the pearl farm and a traditional vanilla plantation. In the afternoon we will have plenty of time for swimming and snorkeling from a motu. Overnight at anchor.

Day 6 | Wednesday 

Raiatea, Society Islands

Raiatea means ‘faraway heaven’ and ‘sky with soft light’. We know both to be true, but we’ll leave you to discover why for yourself. This morning’s optional excursion is with a local guide to Uturoa, the cultural and administrative centre, then on to Mount Temehani and the ancient Marae (open-air temple) of Taputapuatea. The latter is a UNΕSCO protected site, your guide will tell you about its Polynesian origins and historical relevance. In the afternoon our optional tour is via kayak along the Faaroa River. Late in the evening we sail to Moorea. Overnight at sea.

Day 7 | Thursday 

Moorea, Society Islands

With mountain peaks rising from its lagoon, Mo’orea is believed to be the inspiration for the mythical Bali Hai in Tales of the South Pacific by James Michener. Join our morning snorkelling and ray tour and our afternoon nature and culture tour to learn about the history of the island and her ancient remains, as well as taste the island’s fruity flavours at the juice factory. Come evening, gather together for one last dinner – our signature Captain’s Farewell Dinner. Overnight at anchor.

Day 8 | Friday 

Moorea – Papeete Port, Tahiti

This morning we’ll have an early sail back to Papeete, Tahiti. We invite you to join us for the final breakfast on board at 9AM before disembarkation.

In case of severe weather conditions our expertly designed routes are adjusted ensuring your safety & comfort by applying our rich marine knowledge, garnered since 1949.
Stay flexible – Adventure on.


Poisson cru

Poisson Cru is the national dish and can be found in most restaurants. This melt-in-your-mouth entrée consists of raw fish and diced vegetables soaked in coconut milk and
marinated with lime juice.

Secret Huahine

The enchanted Huahine, with its largest concentration of ancient marae temples, lush forests, untamed landscape and quaint villages. A deep, crystal-clear lagoon surrounds the two islands that comprise Huahine. Huahine offers the slower, more tranquil pace of old Polynesia.

Lagoon Spectacular

Most high islands are surrounded by fringing reef that creates a protected swimming pool of the most intense aqua imaginable. Coral atolls have this same calibre of lagoon minus the big island in the middle. Fish, dolphins, rays, sharks, turtles and more inhabit these clear-water coral gardens that are as excellent for snorkeling as they are for diving and swimming.


Panorama II


Dates & Rates

Category C

10.5-11 sq.m. / 114-119 sq.ft.
Lower Deck
Double bedded cabins
With portholes



Port Charges €235

Category B

10-13 sq.m. / 108-140.5 sq.ft.
Lower Deck
Twin bedded cabins
With portholes



Port Charges €235

Category A

9-12 sq.m. / 97-130 sq.ft.
Main Deck
Double or Twin bedded cabins
With windows



Port Charges €235

Category P

12.5 sq.m. / 135 sq.ft.
Upper Deck
Double bedded cabins
With windows



Port Charges €235